With over 2 million square meters constructed over the past 40 years, Engetécnica stands out in the field of civil construction due to its solid background, tradition and quality in the development and construction in the real estate business.

Engetécnica strives to provide all of its products with architectural, urban and constructive quality. To that end, big investments are made in the planning phase of the projects so as to guarantee the excellent quality of the end product.

Present in the construction of both residential and commercial buildings, Engetécnica is focused on developing products that not only excel projected needs, but also increase in value over the years, providing excellent business opportunities to those who acquire them.

By adding tradition and solidity to quality and value, Engetécnica turns each building project into a special business opportunity.

Corporate Overview

Throughout its 40 years of existence, Engetécnica has developed within the Brazilian real estate market, providing services in both public and private sectors. Presently, the company is dedicated to developing projects in the high end regions of São Paulo whenever possible through prominent buildings that stand on their own.

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